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Paternalism and the Public Household
On the Domestic Origins of Public Economics


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Normative and Positive Theories of Public Finance
Contrasting Musgrave and Buchanan


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Fiscal policy and public goods

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Merit goods

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Merit Wants


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Publications en français

Walras, Musgrave et l’hétérogénéité entre les biens publics et les biens privés

A comparision between the conceptualisation of public goods offered by Léon Walras and Richard Musgrave

Œconomia, 2021, 11(2): 315-346.

Généalogie du principe d’équité horizontale

A contribution to the history of normativity in the theory of public finance

Revue de philosophie économique, 2021, à paraître

Le problème de la justification du concept de bien méritoire en perspective

A reconstruction of the debate on the concept of merit goods since its inception

In L'accaparement des biens communs. Pierre Crétois (ed.), Presses Universitaires de Paris Nanterre. 2018

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