Out-of-Print Books to Download for Academic Research

  • Musgrave, Richard A. 1959. The Theory of Public Finance. A Study in Public Economy. New York: McGraw Hill. International Student Edition. PDF [131 Mb]

  • Musgrave, Richard A. and Alan T. Peacock (eds.) 1958.  Classics in the Theory of Public Finance. London: Palgrave. 1967 Reprint. PDF [22 Mb]

  • Krzyzaniak Marian and Richard A. Musgrave. 1963. The Shifting of the Corporation Income Tax. An Empiricial Study of Its Short-Run Effect Upon the Rate of Return. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. PDF [17 Mb]

  • Musgrave, Richard A. and Peggy B. Musgrave. 1989.  Public Finance in Theory and Practice. New York: McGraw-Hill. Fifth edition. First edition, 1971. PDF [12 Mb]

  • Buchanan, James. M. 1960. The Public Finances. An Introductory Textbook. Homewood, IL: Richard D. Irwin. PDF [24 Mb].

  • Colm, Gerhard. 1927. Volkswirtfchaftliche Theorie der Staatsausgaben. Ein Beitrag zur Finanztheorie. Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck). PDF [7 Mb]

  • Groves, Harold M. 1974. Tax Philosophers: Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press. PDF [34 Mb]

  • Simons, Henry C. 1934. A Positive Program for Laissez Faire. Some Proposals for a Liberal Economic Policy. The University of Chicago Press. PDF [10 MB]